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Episode 09 – Making Food Yummy with Juli Woodward

Tap into the Health Zone as StaciJoy introduces Juli Woodward, a fun and zany Sacramento based holistic chef and health coach and graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Juli takes a well rounded approach to health and not only teaches her clients the connection between food and mood, but also enlightens others about how to make their food desirable and palatable.

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Episode 08 – Sibling Loss Expert Zander Sprague

Tap into the Health Zone as StaciJoy travels down the path of sibling loss with Zander Sprague, the GO TO speaker, author and coach for sibling loss. Learn more about his book, “Making Lemonade: Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling”. Understand the importance of the healing process after the loss of a sibling, and how you can help others who might be experiencing this pain. The show winds down with a lesson on mindfulness meditation and the experience of Holosync meditation sounds.

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Episode 07 – The Happiness Show with Lacye Martini

Travel with StaciJoy to the Health Zone as she interviews her special guest, Lacye Martini, a wife, a mother of three, and an entrepreneurial business woman with her focus on the art of being happy. She is the President of DO Good Often Enterprises, Inc. where she uses her expertise and passion for positive change to improve the lives of others, whether it is personal transformation or business.

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Episode 06 – Conflict Coach Karen Harold

Karen Harold is a private mediator, professional facilitator, and the founder of Family Conflict Resolution Center.  Known as “The Conflict Coach”, Karen specializes in resolving high conflict personal and professional dispute resolution and conflict resolution coaching.  She specializes in working with high conflict co-parenting, facilitates family law and workplace mediation, and conflict communication coaching with couples and families.

Due to her straight-forward and caring method of coaching, Karen receives referrals from top family law attorneys to facilitate constructive communication with conflicted couples.  She also works privately with Domestic Violence Aggressors to educate and create boundaries to transform anger processing and behavior.

Karen coaches individuals, educates corporations on conflict resolution and workplace violence, trains law enforcement agencies, and consults with non-profit organizations to assist in providing turnkey educational solutions, Domestic Violence awareness and response strategies, and conflict resolution initiatives with the intended result of more enhanced personal living and establishment of efficient and cooperative workplaces.

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Episode 05 – Medical Cannabis Show

StaciJoy enters the Health Zone with this edgy and honest show about the medical cannabis industry. After discussing the history and politics behind the industry, she brings you through the medical evaluation process for obtaining a prescription card. She exposes a Northern California Collective, and tops off the show with an interview with a representative of a smoke shop. Enjoy this thorough expose’ of one of the most controversial topics of our modern day.

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