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Love Your Gut: The Story of Your Microbiome

Your microbiome is the Universe of bacteria that lives within your digestive tract. There are 100 trilion microbes, including 1200 different species. If you continually feed the bad bacteria, you will eventually develop permeable intestines (leaky gut), which leads to allergies, inflammation and autoimmune disorders.  StaciJoy travels across North America, teaching you how to stop the ongoing war inside and create peace and harmony in your gut. She helps you find the heal in health so you can get stuff done and have more fun!

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Four Weeks in Thailand

Follow StaciJoy, Adventurist and Holistic Nurse, as she backpacks throughout Southeast Asia for four weeks by herself, in search of the meaning of her midlife. From the jungles and Buddhist Retreats in Chiang Mai, through the crazy streets of Vietnam, to surviving a traumatic island accident that sent her home early, witness StaciJoy’s gradual awakening that eventually led her back to herself.

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Episode 07 – The Happiness Show with Lacye Martini

Travel with StaciJoy to the Health Zone as she interviews her special guest, Lacye Martini, a wife, a mother of three, and an entrepreneurial business woman with her focus on the art of being happy. She is the President of DO Good Often Enterprises, Inc. where she uses her expertise and passion for positive change to improve the lives of others, whether it is personal transformation or business.

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