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Human Sex Trafficking, an Interview with Kathrine Lee

“Did you know that children are being enslaved and sold for sex in YOUR city and 80% of these girls, average age 12-14, are American?

Enter the HealthZone as StaciJoy exposes the modern tragedy of human sex trafficking in America today. This episode features Kathrine Lee, founder of Pure Hope Foundation.

Allow yourself to become outraged and mobilize into action. Together we can eradicate this problem right out of your town.”

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Episode 19 – Corporate Happiness with Lacye Martini

Lacye Martini returns to the Heath Zone as she and StaciJoy explore happiness in the workplace. Lacye’s company, Do Good Often, focuses on positive ways to elevate the level of satisfaction, interconnectedness and productivity in the work environment. Healthy companies start with happy people. It’s that simple.

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Juice Plus Complete featuring John Blair

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Interview with Bob Samara

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RNFM Interview on Holistic Nursing

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Episode 18 – Emotional Over Eating

Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. It is not simply a result of a sedentary lifestyle or the consumption of too many empty calories. There are deeper reasons why Americans cannot seem to shed the pounds. Travel to StaciJoyHealthZone as StaciJoy walks us through the maze of emotional overeating as she features three healthcare professionals who are experts on this topic. Learn why the WHY is so much more important than the HOW.

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Episode 17 – Healing Diseases Naturally

Are you suffering with a chronic disease? There is hope for you. You do not have to settle with conventional medical treatment as your only option. Walk with StaciJoy into The Health Zone as she reveals real life stories by talking to people who have healed their bodies naturally or in combination with traditional medical therapies. Let’s look at autoimmune disorders including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disease and Type 1 diabetes, migraine headaches, inflammatory bowel diseases, allergies and bipolar syndrome. Listen and learn how they are doing it. Takeaway: At the end of the big game of life, whoever eats the most plants wins!

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Episode 16 – Colonic Hydrotherapy

Travel to the Health Zone with StaciJoy as she introduces the controversy over the safety and efficacy of colonic hydrotherapy. Learn why everyone should consider this a special opportunity for detoxification in the new year. Along with funny Street Talk interviews, StaciJoy builds this episode around Dawn Throne, an active colon hydro-therapist in Sacramento, CA.

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Episode 15 – What Kids Say About Health

Kids say the funniest things. StaciJoy travels to The Health Zone in this episode about health from a child’s perspective as she teams up with the most adorable kids she can find. Listen to their wisdom about food, exercise, mental health, obesity and the brain.


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Episode 14 – ObamaCare 101

StaciJoy enters the Health Zone with Californians in this episode about health care reform. On January 1, 2014, every American is required to show proof of healthcare coverage on their 2014 tax forms. In this episode, you will hear from two Certified Public Accountant’s, an independent Health Insurance Broker, and a representative of Covered California, the state-based institution created to help Californians find health care coverage. Listen with an open mind, and discover what you never knew about this Reform Act.

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