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StaciJoy Consultations – Holistic Public Health Nurse

Are you disillusioned with your healthcare situation? Have you been told that you have heart disease, diabetes or cancer and you don’t know what to do next? Do you have an autoimmune diagnosis that will not go away no matter how hard you try? Are you tired, overweight, depressed or anxious?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, StaciJoy may be a good fit for you. A Board Certified Holistic Public Health Nurse in private practice for over 20 years, StaciJoy is an expert in the art of change and making complicated things easy to understand and simple to do.

Your journey toward higher health begins with a complimentary 15 minute call. If you are a good fit, follow the directions in this sound byte. Your new life is waiting for you, and it is closer than you think!


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Tortoise and The Hare

The “one little thing” BOOK series is changing America’s sick care industry by putting healthcare back into the hands of the consumer. This 4” X 6” pocket book series will set you up for success by delivering a tried and proven system for change. You will set your internal GPS Navigational System by determining what you want to accomplish. You will fuel up with gasoline with a good reason WHY you want to reach your health goal. Within the platform of Movement, Attitude and Nutrition, you will choose your “one little thing” and begin to execute your journey. Along the way, be prepared to fall off course because you are human. Derailment is what we do. Learn how to get back on track with an easy system to RECALCULATE ROUTE.

Volume 1 is an ideal starter, designed for slow and simple travel. Volume 2 is more complex, teaching pathophysiology, meditation, fat loss and thinking skills. Learn how to overhaul your engine and change your filter, whether you want to move slowly through change like a tortoise, or quickly like a hare. There is something for everyone in this set, written for the overweight, sick and tired, and for change agents who want to save them.

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Butts In Seats

StaciJoy promotes things for a living. If you learn how to invite and bring guests to educational events, webinars, Zoom calls, business trainings, conferences, and connection calls, you will have way more fun building a successful network marketing business.

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Caleb’s Wisdom: A Young Man’s Search For The Truth

Meet Caleb, a twenty year old young man from Alaska. StaciJoy transports you into the Health Zone with Caleb’s way-out-there ideas about religion and spirituality. Black Magic and Native American plant medicine ceremonies are some of Caleb’s topics that will entertain your adventuresome spirit, while leaving you to wonder where you stand within your own spirituality.

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Human Sex Trafficking A Modern Tragedy

“Did you know that children are being enslaved and sold for sex in YOUR city and 80% of these girls, average age 12-14, are American?

Enter the HealthZone as StaciJoy exposes the modern tragedy of human sex trafficking in America today. This episode features Kathrine Lee, founder of Pure Hope Foundation and Jenny Williamson, founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide.

Allow yourself to become outraged and mobilize into action. Together we can eradicate this problem right out of your town.”

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Health Transformation: Are You The Tortoise or The Hare?

This is what you can expect from StaciJoy’s presentation when you invite her to speak in your town.

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Episode 19 – Corporate Happiness with Lacye Martini

Lacye Martini returns to the Heath Zone as she and StaciJoy explore happiness in the workplace. Lacye’s company, Do Good Often, focuses on positive ways to elevate the level of satisfaction, interconnectedness and productivity in the work environment. Healthy companies start with happy people. It’s that simple.

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Episode 01 – “one little thing” book featured on the Healthy Living Podcast

Last year I was interviewed on the Healthy Living Podcast by Steve Trautmann about my book, One Little Thing.  Give it a listen below.

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