One Little Thing

If you suffer with heart disease, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disorders, low energy, obesity, or attention deficit disorder, there is hope for you. Most people know what they need to do to change, but they can’t sustain it.

Change is hard to do. But you can do one little thing, which can then become one more little thing. Keep going and soon you will reach your destination.

By taking tiny steps forward in the areas of movement, attitude and nutrition, you will make big leaps into better health, allowing you to fulfill your human potential in our modern world.

Make Big Leaps in Your Health With Tiny Steps

How many times in the past year have you encountered friends and family members who are so sick and tired that they are having difficulty fulfilling their potential? It is natural to feel frustrated when trying to help those we care about, because many people resist big changes that can create optimal health.

As a Board Certified holistic public health nurse, I am doing my part to move society in another direction, because the “all-at-once lifestyle overhaul” may not be reaching a large segment of the population. We all need an easier tool…

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