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Episode 09 – Making Food Yummy with Juli Woodward

Tap into the Health Zone as StaciJoy introduces Juli Woodward, a fun and zany Sacramento based holistic chef and health coach and graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Juli takes a well rounded approach to health and not only teaches her clients the connection between food and mood, but also enlightens others about how to make their food desirable and palatable.

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Episode 08 – Sibling Loss Expert Zander Sprague

Tap into the Health Zone as StaciJoy travels down the path of sibling loss with Zander Sprague, the GO TO speaker, author and coach for sibling loss. Learn more about his book, “Making Lemonade: Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling”. Understand the importance of the healing process after the loss of a sibling, and how you can help others who might be experiencing this pain. The show winds down with a lesson on mindfulness meditation and the experience of Holosync meditation sounds.

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