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Caleb’s Wisdom: A Young Man’s Search For The Truth

Meet Caleb, a twenty year old young man from Alaska. StaciJoy transports you into the Health Zone with Caleb’s way-out-there ideas about religion and spirituality. Black Magic and Native American plant medicine ceremonies are some of Caleb’s topics that will entertain your adventuresome spirit, while leaving you to wonder where you stand within your own spirituality.

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eye-uh-WOS-kuh In The Andes

How open minded are you to Native American healing? Buckle up tight, because this could be a bumpy ride for you. Catch a glimpse into the Shamanic world of Ayahuasca and San Pedro, as StaciJoy travels to Gaia Sagrada, a western retreat nestled high in the Andes Mountains. Tune into this episode and understand what all the fuss is about over plant medicines. Listen to the journeys of three individuals, and how they transformed their lives after drinking the medicines. StaciJoy holds nothing back as she shares her own personal journey with the plant medicines. She describes her journey as the rebirth she has been waiting for.

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Episode 13 – Reversing diabetes

Travel with StaciJoy into the Health Zone as she explores the world of disease reversal, especially Diabetes. In this episode, StaciJoy interviews Linda Hagstrom, a Critical Care RN from Southern California, exposing ways of reversing her diabetes through natural healing techniques and lifestyle changes. StaciJoy explains why you don’t have to live with a debilitating case of diabetes forever. She helps you find the “heal” in health so you can get stuff done.

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